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here, you can see the fancy-shmancy stuff i did to make this site tick. we've got a crazy amount of css, a sprinkling of javascript, a smattering of php, and just a tinge of html5-specific tags. let's dive right in.

(oh, one thing. if you happen to be an rit student or faculty member, feel free to take a peek at my server-side code here. rit username and password required.)


not much of this, but did you happen to notice the browser's native validation of the form fields on my contact page? probably not, but that right there is one of my favorite bits of html5 magic. not a single line of javascript was written for that validation.


while the length of the css files for this website doesn't nearly rival the code i've written for some games, there's still a heck of a lot of it. i don't think i need to point out much, as it's pretty clear that this site isn't straight html. what i will point out is that 'sticky footer' at the bottom of each page. that's not trivial stuff, so i grabbed it from this great guy over at cssstickyfooter.com. check it out.


since i didn't have to do any validation on my contact form, there isn't much javascript here...well...except for that easter egg over at [ play ]. go ahead. click pinkie pie. i dare you.


php's a little sparce, too. but we do have it over in my contact form. can't be sending mail without server side stuff, can you, now? also, that sticky footer is pulled into every page using a php function, because i like them better than cgi includes or straight php includes.