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Ever since I started programming at around the age of 11, code has been my lifeblood. When I wasn't at school, playing video games, or sleeping, chances were good that I was coding. Sometimes it would be a utility to help me with my homework (prime number finder), sometimes a program to help solve a problem (bowling league tracker for my father), and sometimes it was just for the sheer fun of it (chess timer that shouted at you when time was running out). And on occasion, it would just be to see if I could do it (linear equation parser and solver).

From time to time, I'd make something that would actually be incredibly useful. Some sort of utility that I could actually go back to and use, or a configuration of a particular piece of software that would make my life that much easier. Or maybe just something that someone else could find amusing or get a kick out of. This is the new home of these creations.

my .vimrc and related files

I'm a huge proponent of vim, a 20+ year old modal text editor built off of a 35+ year old editor. Though it has what is considered to be one of the largest learning curves of any code editor, it commands massive control over the document being edited, allowing for sweeping changes to be made with just a few keystrokes. At the heart of any true 'vimmer' is his .vimrc, or configuration file. While my relatively simple, all purpose .vimrc won't be too useful for the seasoned vimmer, I think it might be useful for anyone just getting started with the editor that wants to start their own. Check the readme for detailed information about the files i've included and instructions on how to use a .vimrc file for those who may not know.

use wii remote as mouse tool

This one's pretty obvious. After finding an api for interfacing with wii remotes in visual studio, I decided to make a small program to test its capabilities. Three modes are available, including accelerometer controlled, sensor bar controlled, and one other mode that I can't remember. This one will become available just as soon as I can find it on my old laptop.