pinkie pie

[ play. ]

The definition of 'play' is rather elusive. I like to think of it as just doing something in order to have fun. But then there's the other definition, as in 'I need to go play with my project'. Here, what you're actually doing is probably not play, but rather a 'fiddling' of sorts. Anyway, my point is that it's hard to come up with a solid definition, because it's a word we feel more than we know.

But for this paradigm, we can come up with a good definition. In terms of 'work code play', play can be considered anything one does when not programming. What you may find when examining the ways that I play is that there happens to be a lot more to me than just code.


After witnessing the massive amount of amazing art that bronies (adult fans of My Little Pony) like myself have created, I decided a while ago to try my hand at creating some of my own. This was the first time in many years that I've tried drawing, and with the help of digital tools as well as traditional pencil to paper sketching, I think I've found a hobby that I rather enjoy. Please note that, as of right now, most of my art is mediocre at best, but it's still something that I intend to stick to and develop in the future.


When I found out that I had to take a 2D animation course for my major, I was, frankly, horrified. Little did I know that this would become another form of art that I greatly enjoy. Currently on my YouTube account are only some animations from that class and my progress on a 'PMV' (pony music video) project, but animation and video editing is another hobby I would like to take up further when I have the time.